How to Review or Check the Quality of Transcripts

As a business professional, student, teacher, or whatever reason you may have for using a transcription service, you want to know that the service you used has done their job and done it well. You want your work or project to be up to the highest standards.


With that in mind, did you know that Scribie offers you a simple approach to check and review the quality of your transcripts? It’s a few steps that can be done with the use of a tool that only Scribie offers, their free Integrated Editor.

The Integrated Editor provides a variety of tools at your disposal including a full feature text editor, unified interface, auto-capitalization, auto-correct, text analysis, and variable speed playback, just to name a few. With the editor, you’ll want to analyze your transcript, check for underlines and blanks, and do random spot checks. Let’s get started.

You can analyze your document by simply click ‘Analysis’ at the top of the Integrated Editor. It will underline words that either are not recognized by the editor or words and phrases that are not common. Scan the underlines and play those portions to ensure that things are correct. If you want to analyze any word or phrase further, you can right click on the word for a list of options.

If you see blanks in your transcript it’s due to transcribers not being fully sure what was said in your audio. Easily find those blank spots using the editor by holding down CTRL+B. It’ll play the audio just prior to the blank and you can fill it in with the appropriate word or phrase.

Scribie recommends that you randomly check portions of your transcript instead of going through the entire document. If you find key mistakes in your spot checks, then check the entire paragraph for any further issues. To check a paragraph, click in any part of the paragraph and hold down CTRL+ALT+N.


By doing these few things, you can ensure that the transcription is all that you need it to be. Scribie strives to provide you with no less than 98% accuracy and by providing this service, we want to show you we take that guarantee seriously.

So start uploading you files on Scribie now!!

How Businesses Can Leverage Scribie’s API To Provide Transcription Service To Their Users.

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Humans Are Better Than Machines For Transcription

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We know that technology today is making any thing possible. Many opine that with the advancement in technology, transcription can be completely automated and there is no human intervention required. In fact speech recognition softwares are used by many transcription service providers Continue reading “Humans Are Better Than Machines For Transcription”

Many Eyeballs And Ears Makes All Errors Shallow!

Many earsIn open source there is a saying “given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow” meaning the more widely available the source code is for public testing, scrutiny, and experimentation, the more rapidly all forms of bugs will be discovered. The same principle applies to the way we process each transcripts and how it helps achieve unparalleled accuracy.

Transcription is of utmost importance today, many companies use transcription to have a share of numerous benefits which it provides. Quality is significant in transcription and can serve you in many ways. With quality comes responsibility of transcribing it with all parameters checked. At Scribie, each file is checked by multiple transcribers. Firstly, the file is divided into smaller chunks. Each transcriber works only on a part of the file. Each of those part files are then reviewed by reviewers who are promoted from our transcribers pool based on their excellent grades. As the entire file is divided among transcribers and reviewers, one may correct a part of file and someone else can fill the blanks as per their own knowledge. These part files are then collated and then proofread once again to improve the quality and remove any inconsistencies which could have been introduced since multiple people worked on it earlier. Each transcript is scanned thoroughly to remove errors and later validated by our experienced proof readers. Once proofread, it is then qc’ed by our delivery experts who assess the quality and deliver only those files which are 98% accurate. Those files which do not meet the criteria are again put back for proofreading. This process is repeated till the 98% accuracy is achieved. We hire experienced and certified transcribers who work professionally and have good skills. We have enough resource to research for technical terms and acronyms required for transcription. Since there are multiple people working on a file, chances are more that some or the other may have an idea about the topic being discussed and might be able to fill blanks or correct mistakes which others would be unaware off. We have formulated the entire process keeping accuracy and quality in mind. We believe that the more revisions the file has to go through, results in more accurate transcripts.

We are highly proficient in interview transcription, webinar transcription, podcast transcription, sermon transcription, group discussion transcription, lecture transcription and video transcription. We provide general transcription services as well as specialised transcription services for academic transcription, legal transcription and business or corporate conference calls transcription. As we have so many offerings, we train people to do the required research on topics mentioned in the files to get it right. We also have in house accent experts who can understand and develop accurate transcription.

Our clients can also order a free re-review if the transcript quality is not up to their expectations after the transcript has been delivered. The re-review order can be placed from your account along with specific instructions, if any. The file will be proofread once more and re-delivered.

Please send us a mail at if you have any queries or you can chat with us directly.