Interview Transcription for Documentary

Here is another interview with Jenny Brown for the documentary about the brutality that animals face worldwide. Scribie is proud to associate itself with this noble cause. Please send a mail to or you can chat with us directly for any further queries. Start uploading you files here for quick and affordable transcription service.

Scribie Announces Partnership With Amolto Call Recorder

Scribie is proud to announce their partnership with Amolto Call Recorder for Skype. This partnership allows you to order transcriptions of the Skype calls directly from within the Amolto Call Recorder. Amolto Call Recorder provides you with software that makes it easy to record your Skype calls. When you start your Skype call, Amolto starts to… Continue reading Scribie Announces Partnership With Amolto Call Recorder

Interview Transcription

People use transcription services for various reasons in their personal and business lives. For some of those people, they use them for their interviews. Whether you are a writer who is doing research for a book, a reporter or journalist working on a hot story, or a researcher gathering information for your study, the information… Continue reading Interview Transcription

English Podcast And Transcription

Most Internet marketers would agree that podcasts are a goldmine that’s waiting to be explored. For the uninitiated, podcasting refers to a form of audio broadcasting on the Internet. A user can download the podcasts and listen to them whenever he or she wishes. However, the secret to turning these audio files into a potential… Continue reading English Podcast And Transcription

Automatic Audio Transcription

Humans Are Better at Transcribing Than Robots Audio transcription can be a long process, especially if you are a newbie in the field. For many, the automatic audio transcription offers an easy alternative. But is the shortcut worth taking? Statistics would not say so. Express Scribe, an automatic transcription software, offers an accuracy of around… Continue reading Automatic Audio Transcription

Free Audio/Video Transcription Software

In the last couple of posts, we have discussed the Integrated  Editor the one of a kind audio transcription tool provided only by Scribie. In this post, we’ll tackle the last few features of the Integrated Editor. First up is the variable speed playback. This feature allows you to speed up or slow down the… Continue reading Free Audio/Video Transcription Software