Price Cut

We are pleased to announce an across-the-board 20% drop in our pricing effective today. Our new transcription rates are as follows: Scribie New Transcription Rates Old New Savings Budget $0.75/min $0.60/min 20% Regular $1.50/min $1.20/min 20% Express $3.00/min $2.40/min 20% We started with the mission to build the best place for transcription; both for transcribers… Continue reading Price Cut

New Feature: Shared Payment Methods for Teams

Scribie Policy Update Shared Payments

You can now share your payment method on with your other team members. Your team members can use the payment method to place orders. This in particularly useful in organizations where multiple users require the same payment method. Earlier, only the team owner could place orders, whereas the other team members could only upload/access… Continue reading New Feature: Shared Payment Methods for Teams

2017 Scribie Policy Announcement

2017 Transcription Policy Changes Thank you for choosing Scribie for your transcription needs. We have a few important policy updates for 2017. These changes come into effect from Jan 1st, 2017. It is important to note that a majority of our customers will not be adversely affected by these changes. It will improve our operational efficiency and… Continue reading 2017 Scribie Policy Announcement

New Feature: Google Drive Export

We Recently Added Google Drive Integration For Exporting Transcripts You can now export all of your transcripts directly to your Google Drive account from To export your files go to the Files section then select a finished transcription file and click “Save to Google Drive” Once selected you’ll be prompted to sign in to your… Continue reading New Feature: Google Drive Export

Scribie Speech Transcription Series

Scribe Transcribes Public Speeches We’ve just started an exciting new blog series in which we’ll be transcribing numerous major speeches from top political and influential public figures. This will include presidential speeches, debates, major press conferences and much more. As one of the top transcription services in the industry, we are in a unique position to… Continue reading Scribie Speech Transcription Series

Google Introduces Dictation in Google Docs

Google provides us with a variety of services and tools to make our lives easier. One tool in particular, voice dictation, is now available in Google Docs. It’s an easy feature that makes the lives of those using it run a little smoother. Need to get an email sent? How about the notes for your… Continue reading Google Introduces Dictation in Google Docs

How Having 3 Rates for Turnaround Options Are Better Than Having 5

We have AWESOME news for you. Now, there are only 3 rates in regards to turnaround options: express, 1 day, and 5 day. There used to be 5 options that included: Express, 24 hours, 5 days, 15 days and 30 days. Of course, there are a few of you out there wonder why the change?… Continue reading How Having 3 Rates for Turnaround Options Are Better Than Having 5

New Simplified Transcription Pricing

Three Simple Options for Pricing Your Transcript   We’re happy to announce our new simplified pricing structure. Express $1.75/min — delivered within 8-12 hours. 1 Day  $0.90/min — within 24 hours  If the order is placed before 2:30 PM EDT (US), 36 hours if afterward. Flex 5 $0.75/min —  3-5 days. If you have worked… Continue reading New Simplified Transcription Pricing