How To Clean The Audio File

Whatever your transcription needs are, you will all have the same start – the audio file. You may be asking, ‘Why would I want to provide clean audio?’ and that’s a very good question. It is what transcriptionists use to take your notes, lectures, meetings, interviews, etc. from a few or multiple voices to a… Continue reading How To Clean The Audio File

How to Review or Check the Quality of Transcripts

As a business professional, student, teacher, or whatever reason you may have for using a transcription service, you want to know that the service you used has done their job and done it well. You want your work or project to be up to the highest standards. With that in mind, did you know that… Continue reading How to Review or Check the Quality of Transcripts

New Feature: Vimeo Importer

Vimeo videos can now be imported to directly for transcription. We have added a new tab to our uploads page where the Vimeo video links have to be copy-pasted. The importer can import both public and private Vimeo files. For private files, the video needs to be password protected and imported (the password… Continue reading New Feature: Vimeo Importer

Verbatim Transcription Services

Verbatim transcription is an in-depth and accurate transcription of an audio file. This means the transcription takes into account not only the spoken words, but also the various sounds, the non-verbal communications, and the likes. Needless to say that this type of transcription needs a keen ear and an immense attention to detail. Depending upon… Continue reading Verbatim Transcription Services

How to Transcribe Audio/Video Files Using the Scribie Editor

Audio/Video transcription can be a very arduous task. It takes around 4-6 hours to transcribe one hour of audio. There are several tools however which can make it easier—our Editor is one such tool. It presents the audio and the transcript document together in a single interface to expedite the process. The following is a… Continue reading How to Transcribe Audio/Video Files Using the Scribie Editor


The Integrated Editor has proven to be one of the most useful tool at We always get great comments about it in our customer surveys. We use it as the primary editor in all the four steps of our process; transcription, review, proofreading and QC and also make it available to our customers for files which… Continue reading Self-Transcribe

How To Review Transcripts In Five Easy Steps

Scribie Proofreading Accuracy

Checking transcripts after your file has been transcribed and delivered can an arduous task. You have to go through the transcript and match it with the audio file. Theoretically it should as long as the duration of the file, provided the transcript is 100% accurate. However in practice it takes around twice the duration of the… Continue reading How To Review Transcripts In Five Easy Steps

CallGraph: Stereo vs Mono Recording

CallGraph Skype Recorder records by default in stereo mode which means that your voice and other participant(s) voice are on different tracks in the file. While playing back you will hear your voice on one side of the speaker while your caller/callee’s voice on the other side. To force CallGraph to record in a single… Continue reading CallGraph: Stereo vs Mono Recording

How to Transcribe An Audio File With Express Scribe

Scribie Audio Transcribe

Transcribing Audio With Express Scribe So, you have an audio file which needs to be transcribed to text and have no idea how to go about it. Here’s how to do it. The first thing you would need is ExpressScribe. It’s a free tool which enables quickly to start/stop/pause playback with hotkeys (or foot pedals)… Continue reading How to Transcribe An Audio File With Express Scribe

Skype Unable to Respond

If you get the message “Another application (CallGraph.exe) is attempting to access Skype, but we are unable to respond” from Skype, here are few things you can do to resolve this issue. Make a call to Skype Test Call Service (echo123) or any other contact. This will force Skype to check it’s database of whitelist’ed… Continue reading Skype Unable to Respond