Call transcription

Why Do We Still Need Humans For Transcribing Speech

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So, how is Siri doing on your iPhone. Would you happily replace her with your secretary? Personally, I won’t, because there are just too many ‘misses’ and ‘trouble spots’ that I wouldn’t want in my…

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Educational Transcription Service

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When you think of transcription services, who typically comes to mind as using their services? Doctors, assistants, researchers, but what about students? As a student, you may need to have lectures, notes, academic or research…

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Scribie Announces Partnership With Amolto Call Recorder

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Scribie is proud to announce their partnership with Amolto Call Recorder for Skype. This partnership allows you to order transcriptions of the Skype calls directly from within the Amolto Call Recorder. Amolto Call Recorder provides you…

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